Professor Mark Stein
Professor Emeritus
University of Leicester, UK

‘…one of the brightest, most stimulating thinkers on leadership … [whose] … work is both highly original and profoundly relevant to the challenges of contemporary leadership’
– Dame Ruth Silver, President, Further Education Trust for Leadership

‘…has distinguished himself by bringing insights from psychoanalysis to bear on the organizational challenges associated with leadership, teamwork and risk management’
– iLab Award Committee

‘…[his work is an] … outstanding contribution to the literature and body of knowledge’
– Emerald Citation of Excellence Award Committee

‘…[his] work has profound implications for the customer-service employee boundary and its design and management’
– Richard Normann Prize Committee

…his work is ‘a great achievement’, ‘erudite’ and ‘particularly relevant for the current political and social situation’
– Gavin Macfadyen Award Committee